Why Vitelli

What began as an imported tomato business in 1885 has expanded to fill the shelves of supermarkets across America today. Take a moment to browse through our wide variety of classic pasta, organic pasta,  gluten-free pasta, Italian specialty products, and of course, our delicious tomatoes. 


Only the best grains and finest tomatoes are worthy of the Vitelli name.

Made in Italy

Most everything at Vitelli Foods is made in Italy and imported to America.


We are an iconic brand, a staple of American kitchens dating back to the 19th century.


We now offer a wide variety of pasta and tomatoes, as well as specialty items, to suit all tastes and dietary needs.


Vitelli Foods is a family business in the truest sense, from our founder Luigi Vitelli in 1885 to company President Claudia Vitelli today.


In addition to our classic, 100% semolina pasta, Vitelli Foods also offers organic whole wheat pasta as well as gluten free pasta that cover a broad range of nutritional needs.